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Philips EasyKey 9300 Smart IoT Digital Lock
Price RM3,188.00
Product SKU EasyKey 9300
Brand Philips
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  • Automatic Locking
  • Hidden Pin Code
  • Dual Verification Mode
  • Fingerprint Verification
  • 3 Types of Alarm System
  • Full Auto Mortise
  • Auto or Manual Operation
  • Gateway Link with Smart Door Viewer

Features / Specifications

  • From inside to outside, the beauty of technology

The Philips EasyKey 9300 adopted with tempered glass and 3D grinding, the hardness reaches the level of the artificial diamond. Made from durable corrosion zinc alloy material, the cylinder is characterized by strong anti-collision and anti-damage capacity.It adopts a push-pull handle, with three colors of Black, Copper, and Golden. With simple and stylish, high-value and high-quality features, you can enjoy the convenience brought by smart technology when you open the door.

  • Instinctive fingerprint verification, open upon touch

The fingerprint sensor is located at the push-pull handle. When you hold the handle, your finger will naturally fall on the sensor. You can directly push and open the door after recognizing successful fingerprint verification.Moreover, it is also equipped with touching sensor and infrared sensor. When you touch the sensor and infrared sensor also detects the obstacle, it will unlock immediately. Convenient door opening upon touching.

  • Lock automatically, say goodbye to obsessive-compulsive disorder

The Philips EasyKey 9300 adopts a fully automatic mortise. The bolt will pop up spontaneously and lock up the door without any extra action when closing the door. Once the door under unlocking, it will alarm in time and remind you to lock. With effective home security, you can go out and come back with peace of mind.

  • Intelligent linkage, real-time monitoring

Linked with Philips Smart EasyKey 9300 and the door viewer, if someone rings the doorbell, no matter where you are, you can video with visitors remotely through the App and visualize via the smart door viewer. You can also be remotely controlled on the App to unlock at one touch after confirming the security.

  • Smart home protection, abnormally alarming

After the Philips EasyKey 9300 is linked with the smart door viewer, the smart door viewer will be armed for 24 hours. When the lock or peephole is detected to be pried, it will trigger the alarm in time. Photos and videos will upload to the Cloud and send messages to APP which can lower the security risk.

What's in the box

1 x Philips Easy Key 9300 Smart IoT Digital Lock

1 x Warranty Card

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