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Philips EasyKey DDL702-1HW Series Push Pull Digital Door Lock
Price RM2,888.00
Product SKU EasyKey DDL702-1HW
Brand Philips
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  • Remote video monitoring
  • Visible security
  • Realtime’s on Wi-Fi connection
  • Two-way intercom
  • PIR human body detection
  • C-grade lock cylinder
  • Multiple alert function
  • Fully automatic mortise

Features / Specifications

  • Visible security
    • Adopted with a PIR
    • Captures photo or video when motion is sensed
    • Allowing the owner to know who’s at the door anytime through the App
  • Realtime’s on Wi-Fi connection
    • View lock activity history and encrypted information
    • Remotely send temporary PIN codes
    • View real-time situation at the door by clicking on the video button
  • Two-way intercom
    • When the doorbell is pressed, a message will be used to the App instantly
    • When the door rings, the video lock will automatically record the video
    • Therefore, not missing any visitor information even when you are away
  • PIR human body detection
    • AI humanoid detection algorithm will identify abnormal dynamics by instantly capturing a photo or video
    • A message will be pushed to the app through an encrypted cloud server
    • Allows users to fully manage the dynamics at the front door and avoid security risks
  • C-grade lock cylinder
    • Controls the opening of the digital door lock
    • Employes multiple anti-theft technologies with a unique design of pin tumbler and vane structure
    • The time for technical lock-picking resistance is more than 270 mins
  • Multiple alert function
    • Multiple alerts for anti-dismantling, abnormal bolt, outside forced locking, and low battery level reminder
  • Fully automatic mortise
    • Without the need for extra action, the bolt will spontaneously pop up upon closing the door
    • If the door is not locked fitly, it will trigger an alert to remind you fo the door lock status.
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