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Prime Fresh


-3°C Soft Freezing. No Defrosting.

Prime Fresh softly freezes meat, fish and other food at approx. -3°C, an ideal temperature zone that is able to keep foods fresh without losing the taste and nutrients. This innovative storage solution provides the advantages of both a fridge and a freezer.


Comparison between Prime Fresh, freezer, chilled/fridge




1. Fresh Meat and Fish for 7 Days

The freshness of raw meat and fish only lasts up to 3 days when keep inside chilled/fridge compartment. Whereas Prime Fresh -3°C keeps foods soft freezing and able to retain freshness up to 7 days*.


Comparison between Prime Fresh and chilled after 7 days

*Data prepared by Panasonic. Ingredients and preparation: Single sardine wrapped in a typical commercial tray and stored for 7 days. Temperature: Ambient 25 ºC; one Prime Fresh (medium) and chilled mode setting. Target area: Prime Fresh and chilled mode switchable room (with aluminum plate). Test carried out and confirmed by Techno- Sciences Co., Ltd. Test result: The initial measurement of the sardine is 11.3%. On day 7, the chilled sardine registered a K value of 33.7% while the Prime Fresh sardine is 17.7% (about 16% more suppression than chilled sardine). K value is an index that display the freshness of fish. The lower the K value the fresher the fish may be. Results may vary depending on the operating condition, features of product, food type and food condition. The result does not extend to the best-by or expiration date of the fish. The tagline of “7 Days Freshness” refers to the freshness of food which may maintain up to 7 days with Prime Fresh.


2. Nutritious Meat and Fish for 7 Days

Defrosting meat loses nutrients and flavors in the drippings. Prime Fresh seals in the nutrients and flavors by not completely freezing the food and eliminating the need to defrost.


Comparison between Prime Fresh and freezer



3. Fresh Homemade Meals for 7 Days

Prime Fresh keeps food fresh for 7 days* to let you shop once a week while enjoying fresh, ready to cook foods. You can now feast on fresh homemade delights with your family even on busy days.


Four Convenience of Prime Fresh